INTO THE BURREN - Cancellation Policy 

We understand your concern around Covid-19 and so in the event of Government Guidelines preventing you from travelling here, we would first offer you a booking at a later date. Should you decide that this does not work for you we would offer you a full refund of all monies paid.

Cancellations other than those as necessitated under Covid guidelines will normally be treated as per the Cancellation Policy below. Under exceptional circumstances, we may waive this and offer full or partial refunds. This will be at our sole discretion and may require documentary evidence for the reason(s) for the cancellation.

Payment Schedule

25% Deposit due at time of booking.

The remaining balance is due 30 days before arrival.

Cancellation Policy

70% of paid prepayments (i.e. Deposit) are refundable when cancelled 30 days before arrival or earlier. 

50% of paid prepayments (i.e. Full Rental Charge) are refundable when cancelled 14 days before arrival or earlier. 

25% of paid prepayments  (i.e. Full Rental Charge) are refundable when cancelled 7 days before arrival or earlier. 

0% refundable if cancelled thereafter.

In the event that, for whatever reason, we have to cancel the booking, we would first offer you a 10% discount on a booking at a later date. Should you decide that this does not work for you we would offer you a full refund of all monies paid.

Damage deposit

A damage deposit is not normally necessary. However, in certain circumstances and at our sole discretion, we may require that a damage deposit be provided. If so, a pre-authorization of 25% of the total rental cost is due 7 days before arrival and, if no damage has occurred, released 7 days after departure. Otherwise, the deposit will be used to cover any costs associated with the damage.

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